Ultrasonic Tips – Surgical

ProUltra Surgical Endo Tips were specifically designed for endodontic microsurgery. With a longer body and multiple angle tips for improved access to difficult areas, these instruments cut dentin efficiently. Other features include a durable zirconium nitride coating and an improved irrigation port strategically positioned at the tip for increased effectiveness.

Other useful surgical tips such as the SJ4-3L  (Left , Right and Downward bend) can be purchased at EIE2.com. Unlike some of the other manufacturers, EIE tips are designed to be bent according to need.


Figure 1: Denstply ProUltra Surgical Tip set


Figure 2: EIE2 Surgical Tip

Ultrasonic Surgical retroprep tip – Available as both 3L (left – as shown in illustration ) and 3R (right) versions.


Denstply Sirona and EiE2


Consult your local dental supplier for Dentsply Sirona price.
EIE2 tips are bought direct – these are $90US each.

EndoSequence BC RRM Fast Set Putty

EndoSequence BC  Putty has become our most common Retrofilling, pulp capping (rare) and perf repair material.  I prefer the fast set as it is far easier to control than the versions of bioceramics I have used in the past. For retrofillings, we leave it out in air for a few minutes to set a bit and make it easier to condense.

Figure 2: Endoesequence Putty





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