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Discover how surprisingly comfortable the EndoExperience can be. Endodontic treatment is possible without delays. Patients in discomfort should not have to wait for competent clinical care.

We love helping our patients. The EndoExperience is part diagnosis, part treatment, part education and a unique health care encounter. (We love our music and we hope you do too. Requests welcomed. But feel free to bring your own if you like!)

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What We Believe

Through the use of modern technology, sound biologic principles and clinical skill, Endodontic treatment should be as routine as any other dental procedure.

About Dr. Kaufmann

Dr. Kaufmann was a born and raised Winnipegger. He took his initial training at the University of Manitoba and Graduated with a DMD in 1980. He practiced as a General Dentist in Winnipeg’s North End until 1984.

Dr. Kaufmann obtained his Specialty Certificate (CAGS)  and his Master’s Degree (MScD in Endodontics at Boston University in 1986, where he studied under Dr. Herbert Schilder, the originator of the Vertical Compaction of Warm Gutta Percha Technique. 

Dr. Kaufmann believes that when clinicians “do the right thing”, not only do his patients get better, but clinicians’ skills and judgment improve with that experience.

35+ Years of Trust & Dedication

35 years as a Specialist and some 40,000 cases later, that philosophy continues to be the hallmark of his practice.

Meet Team Endoexperience

Dr. Kaufmann is proud of the highly skilled, caring, and compassionate team that he assembled to take care of you. His 4 team members (all Registered Phase 2 Dental assistants) have  a combined over 70 years of experience in Endodontic Specialty practice. They share Dr. Kaufmann’s philosophy of clinical excellence, combined with a sincere desire to make your time with us as pleasant as possible.


Reception & Ph. 2 Assistant

Meredith has almost 2 decades  of experience in both front end (Reception) and clinical areas of Endodontics. She will be glad to help you with any questions you have about scheduling your appointment and financial/insurance inquiries.


Ph 2 Assistant

Trina initially worked as an Assistant in a General Dental Practice and has been a Endodontic Assistant to Dr. Kaufmann  for  15 years. She presently serves as the President of the Manitoba Dental Assistants Association  (2021).


Reception & Ph 2 Assistant
Kim is our most experienced team member. Aside from the two years that Dr. Kaufmann spent in Graduate school, they have worked together for almost 40 years! Kim will be glad to also help you with scheduling and financial matters and
will sometimes assist Dr. Kaufmann with treatment as well.


Ph 2 Assistant
Monique has been a Endodontic Assistant to Dr. Kaufmann for over a decade. Monique’s relaxed demeanor and quiet confidence will help to  ensure that your time with us is memorable, in a good way!

Deicated to Providing

High Quality Services

Diagnosis & Consultation

Endodontists are keen diagnosticians.  Dentists sometimes run into situations where the diagnosis is unclear or they need assistance with treatment planning and patient management. Endodontists are experts in diagnosing oral pain and providing answers. Your unique situation is assessed and explained to you in detail so that you and your dentist can make an informed decision about what suits you best. Diagnosis involves assessment of your oral condition both physically and radiographically, using the most modern tools available.

Part of the Consultation involves educating the patient about teeth. This is important because there are many misconceptions about Endodontics, the effects of treatment on the tooth and patient responsibilities after treatment is completed. Properly educated patients gain a better appreciation for what is required in order to preserve their investment.

Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)

Most of the services we perform involve routine Endodontic treatment. These cases can frequently done in a single appointment (depending on the situation). If the tooth requires subsequent reconstruction, it is properly temporized and your Dentist is sent a report immediately after you leave the office.  In other situations, Dr. Kaufmann is asked to close the tooth with a permanent restoration after the endodontics is completed.  This will be explained in the initial Consultation with Dr. Kaufmann.


Endodontics has a very high success rate when performed with skill and care. However, there are occasions where revisions of original treatment may be necessary if the area does not heal adequately or shows signs of treatment failure.  Most often, the root canal procedure is performed “conventionally” ( through the tooth, similarly to the original treatment). However, sometimes it is necessary to “Disassemble” the existing restoration to allow this to be done. In that case, your dentist will need to provide a new reconstruction, but only after there is evidence of eventual treatment success.

Surgical Endodontics

In rare instances, conventional treatment or retreatment is impossible due to previous treatment, inability to disassemble or anatomic considerations. In that case, access and visual inspection of the actual end of the tooth is necessary. The procedure is essentially a “microsurgery”, performed at the root end and any problems are addressed directly.  Patients are frequently surprised how comfortable the post op period can be. Dr. Kaufmann provides a detailed explanation before and after the procedure. You will be provided with all necessary information regarding postop care of the area as well.

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Optimal Patient Results are best be obtained with good communication between the Dentist and Specialist. If you or your staff have any questions about the status of a case, please do not hesitate to contact us.