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EndoExperience Surveys – Finding out about YOUR experiences

Endodontics is undergoing significant changes. Digital imaging, computerization of offices and communications, implants, increasing endodontic technology, General Practitioners doing more of their own endo and insurance benefit considerations are all influencing the way in which we practice. These surveys are an attempt to get an “Endodontic Snapshot” of where we are and to try to help us anticipate where we are going. This survey has not been sponsored by any official organization or group. It is merely one Endodontist’s attempt to survey Endodontists and Dentists to obtain meaningful data.

The survey is totally anonymous and consists of approximately 40 questions that should not take you more than a couple of minutes to complete. The results of the survey (and periodic statistical updates ) will be posted on my website

There are 3 surveys. Please pick the appropriate survey for your mode of practice:  
  1. A survey for Canadian Endodontists -                         CLICK HERE
        NEW Aug /09 - Results of Cdn Endodontist Survey - CLICK HERE

  2. A survey for Endodontists in all other countries - CLICK HERE
        NEW Aug /09 - Results of Endodontist Survey -    CLICK HERE

  3. A survey for General Practitioners everywhere - CLICK HERE

             NEW Aug /09 - Results of GP Survey -                 CLICK HERE

Should you be interrupted, you can always return and the survey will continue where you left off.

Thank you for taking just a few moments of your time to complete this survey.

Robert M. Kaufmann DMD MS (Endo)