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The EndoFiles Fax

A monthly Fax bulletin sent directly to your office fax or E-mail address. Read it with your morning coffee. It's only a page or two!

Welcome to the Fax section of the Endo Files. Every month or two I will publish a one or two page bulletin that will discuss an aspect of Endodontic related clinical practice. Some of the topics may be controversial but my hope is that it will stimulate you to think about how endodontics relates to the treatment of your patients. Predictable, successful clinical results depend on your ability to anticipate patient's needs and to plan treatment accordingly. I hope that these communiqués will stimulate you to consider how endodontics plays a role in diagnosing, planning or treating your patients.

Your comments are always welcome. I am always looking for topic suggestions and feedback. You can send them to me by clicking here: Don't be shy ! We can all learn something together.

February/March 2005: Volume 6 Issue 2/3
CE and Conflict of Interest - A Problem for Dentistry?
January 2005: Volume 6 Issue 1
Dr. Steve Buchanan Answers 3 Questions
December 2004: Volume 5 Issue 10
Outcome Assessment. How Successful is Endodontics - Really?
October/November 2004: Volume 5 Issue 9
You Just Broke a File. Now What? Part 2
July/August/September  2004: Volume 5 Issue 8
You Just Broke a File. Now What? Part 1
June 2004: Volume 5 Issue 6
Endosonics - What's the buzz?
May 2004: Volume 5 Issue 5
Preventing NiTi Instrument Fracture
April 2004: Volume 5 Issue 4
Resilon - Finally, An Endodontic Filling Material for the 21st Century?
March 2004: Volume 5 Issue 3
MTA - What is this Stuff?
January 2004: Volume 5 Issue 1
Revisiting radiography - How Good Are Your Films?
December 2003: Volume 4 Issue 11
Considering Disassembly Retreatment
An Endodontist's Perspective
November 2003: Volume 4 Issue 10
10 Inexpensive Endodontics Tools You MUST Have
October 2003: Volume 4 Issue 9
Endodontic Filling Materials - Past, Present and Future
September 2003: Volume 4 Issue 8
Your Specialist as a Practice Resource
July/August 2003: Volume 4 Issue 7
The Endodontic Emergency - Nuisance or Opportunity?
June 2003: Volume 4 Issue 6
Three Inexpensive Tools for the Technology Reluctant Dentist
May 2003: Volume 4 Issue 5
Cracked Teeth and Elective Endodontics
April 2003: Volume 4 Issue 4
March 2003: Volume 4 Issue 3
Making the Move to ProTaper Ni-Ti Rotary Instruments
February 2003: Volume 4 Issue 2
MB2 in Maxillary Molars - How Important is It and How do we Find it ? (Part 2)
January 2003: Volume 4 Issue 1
MB2 in Maxillary Molars- How Important is It and How do we Find it ? (Part 1)
December 2002: Volume 3 Issue XI
Tips for Accessing and Treating Mesial Canals of Mandibular Molars
October/November 2002: Volume 3 Issue X
The Endodontic-Restorative Continuum - Temporization and Leakage of Canal Orifices
September 2002: Volume 3 Issue IX
Restoration of Endodontically Treated Posterior Teeth- Are Crowns Necessary?
August 2002: Volume 3 Issue VIII
Moving to Rotary Ni-Ti Instrumentation - A Guide
June/July 2002: Volume 3 Issue VI-VII
Pearls of Wisdom from ROOTS Summit II - San Diego 2002
May 2002: Volume 3 Issue V
Reading the Endodontic Literature - Influences Affecting What We Read
April 2002: Volume 3 Issue IV
Accessing the Premolar - Preventing Access Perforations
March 2002: Volume 3 Issue III
8 Tips for Dealing with the Calcified Orifice in the Older Patient
February 2002: Volume 3 Issue II
Dental Radiographs - How Do We Answer Patient's Questions About Risks
January 2002: Volume 3 Issue I
Irrigation in Endodontics - What to use and how
December 2001: Volume 2 Issue VIIII
Resorptive Lesions - Diagnosis and Treatment
November 2001: Volume 2 Issue VII
10 Tips for Optimizing the Endodontic Referral
October 2001: Volume 2 Issue VI
Pain Control in Endodontics
September 2001: Volume 2 Issue V
Post Placement in Endodontically Treated Teeth: An Endodontist's Perspective
May 2001: Volume 2 Issue IV
Digital Radiography- Is It for You ?
Questions and Answers you need to know BEFORE you Buy!
April 2001: Volume 2 Issue III
Getting the Most out of Your Electronic Apex Locator
February 2001: Volume 2 Issue II
Antibiotics are not chicken soup
January 2001: Volume 2  Issue I
Treatment Planning Decisions - When to Do Endo?
December 2000: Volume I Issue I
Single Tooth Implants Vs. Endodontic Treatment?