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Model 04-4393

JedMed Surgical Seating

Efficient and comfortable use of the Surgical Operating Microscope demands that the operator purchase quality seating. Properly built, heavy duty stools provide support for the elbows and arms, greatly reducing fatigue. I originally purchased a Global surgical "clone" seat - not made by Global but similar. After two arm failures (due to metal fatigue at the arm connection point) in the space of a year, I made the decision to purchase two of the stools you see above. These stools are manufactured in Germany by Jorg&sohn and are sold in N. America by JedMed Surgical. Price is approximately $1300 US but worth the extra cost. They are ruggedly built and I am sure they will provide years of dependable service. When you consider the amount of time that you spend in these chairs, it just doesn't make sense to try to scrimp on such an important piece of equipment.


TDO 4 Endo - Endodontic Practice Software

I have been a user of TDO since April of 2008.  I had been a PBS Endo user for many years but  I outgrew it.. There is no comparison. Gary Carr's Dogbreath Software- TDO -   has simply produced the absolute best Endodontiic software available....anywhere.  It has comprehensive modules that make your office TOTALLY PAPERLESS. Website integration ( Referrals refer online, Patients fill out med history, consent forms, history etc). online - SECURELY.   The Software integrates clinical charting, image management (X ray, photo and cbCT), patient education and much, much more. It  now has the capability to perform Electronic Insurance Claims preauthorization and processing in Canada.

Software/hardware packages are available direct from TDO that allow you to literally plug and play . But TDO is not simply software. It is a microscope centered philosophy of Endodontic Clinical excellence combined with a first class, 5 star support team.  Annual TDO meetings also help train you to take advantage of the myriad of possibilities this software offers.  If you want the best....this is it.

Contact them at: TDO.




Super EBA Cement - Retrofill Material

Super EBA cement is an IRM based product that has grown in popularity as a retrofilling material. It has shown to be a better retrofilling than almost all materials with the possible exception of MTA. Super EBA also has the advantage of being a fraction of the cost of MTA and is much easier to use.

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate MTA

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate is a recently introduced retrofilling and perforation repair material made by Dentsply. It is also known in non medical grade as "Portland Cement". MTA has impressive studies to show it as a superior retrofill material as well as well publicized case studies to demonstrate its ability to seal strip type and furca perforations. The difficulties with MTA are related to its handling properties and protracted setting times. Unlike most retrofill materials, it is meant to be used wet. It is likely that MTA will supplant Super EBA as the material of choice but until the price is reasonable, it will be used mostly by Endodontists who can afford to pass the fee on to their patients. Unfortunately, MTA ( if mixed according to the manufacturers instruction and volume - i.e./ 5 applications per kit) works out to be almost $100 (CDN) per application. The package you see is the new "white' version of MTA that has recently become available. Check your Tulsa Dental rep for purchase or buy on line at: Tulsa Dental Online.

Ultrasonics in Endodontics
Spartan EIE Ultrasonics

Recent advances in ultrasonics have improved the efficiency of several areas of Endodontics. Through the use of specially designed ultrasonic tips, calcified orifices and small canals can be explored and excavated. Post removal is facilitated by not only being able to "trough" around the post but also by ultrasonic vibration applied to the post itself.

Most significantly, ultrasonic root end preparation has dramatically reduced the need to heavily bevel root ends during periapical surgery. Research has recently showed that increased angle of bevel is associated with higher level of leakage as well as greater possibility of missing canals during resection.

A newer Ultrasonic unit has become available from Satelec. It appears to be more efficient and better suited to use with ultrasonic tips. Clinician reviews have been very favorable and it works well, especially with the new Carr Troughing Tips. (available at I had a chance to try one at the ROOTS Summit II in San Diego 2002. It is a very powerful unit.

UPDATE Dec. 04
I purchased a Satelec P5 and have been impressed with its power and range. I would recommend this as a first choice.

Check out the Opinions section of the EndoFiles for discussion of Endosonics in conventional endodontics. See Ultrasonics? What's the Buzz?


Bullfrog High Volume Evacuation Valves

NaOCl solutions can wreak havoc on normal aluminum based operatory hardware. Corrosion is a huge problem for Endodontists and for many years I used to have to frequently replace evacuation valves that either pitted and leaked. I finally was introduced to Hager/Worldwide's Bullfrog valves. These titanium based valves are corrosion-proof and have held up very well over the past few years.They have very smooth operation and my staff say they are the best product that they have ever used. I believe that they have 10 year guarantee against corrosion . Various sizes and configurations are available, with or without swivels. Prices range from $44- 130 US depending on the model. Again, when you think of the cost of routine replacement, these are worth the extra expense. Check Hager/Worldwide for a description of their products and check with your local dental supplier.

NEW Drying Canals - Capillary Suction Tips

Canals can sometimes be difficult to dry when just using paper points. These great polypropylene capillary suction tips by Ultradent are very small and flexible and can easily get down curved canals . They have a Leur lock attachment on them that allows then to be placed on a white plastic high volume suction tip. The result is a very efficient bendable plastic suction device that can get very far down canals and suction them dry. The tips can also be cut to size to enlarge the lumen in cases where debris is present. This inexpensive device will save you a LOT of time and paper point costs - HIGHLY recommended.

Brown and Hebranson - 3D Interactive Tooth Atlas

One of thebest tools available for studying teeth and learning to appreciate the nuances of pulp anatomy is Brown and Herbranson's 3D Interactive Tooth Atlas. It has 10 different sections which include some remarkable3D rotatable scanned transparent images of teeth and pulp anatomy.

Other sections include Skull Anatomy, a dedicated Endo section,radiography, tooth anatomy, Study Quiz, Glossary and Synopsis of the human dentition. While the price may seem a bit steep ( Version 4 is $465 US  Online) - This license allows you to install it on 2 PCs. ( There is also a more expensive version that can be installed on a server.)   I believe that it is easily as good a value as buying a couple of good textbooks. It also would be an excellent Xmas present for  group referral practices or as a " Thank You" present for selected special referring Dentists or Specialists. (The prosthodontists love it!) 
See for more info.