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Endodontics – Conventional Treatment

Root Canal Therapy is the more common name for treatment known as Non-Surgical Endodontics.


  • The tooth is retained, resulting in a more healthy oral condition.
  • Eliminates the need for more expensive prosthetic (artificial) replacement.

  • Prevents long term drifting and tilting of adjacent teeth

What are the Requirements?
Endodontic treatment can be performed on any tooth as long as the tooth is periodontally sound (the gum condition is healthy) and restorable (there is enough remaining healthy tooth structure to warrant reconstruction of the tooth).

How Long Does it Take?

Treatment is generally performed in a single appointment of approximately 75-90 minutes or less. (Some infected teeth require treatment in two appointments. In those teeth, the first appointment allows for cleaning of the tooth and placement of a disinfectant.) In most situations, Conventional Endodontic treatment feels no different than having a "regular" filling. Treatment is generally divided into 3 parts. In routine cases, all parts are performed in a single visit.

How Long Will the Tooth Last?

Successfully Endodontically treated teeth ( once properly reconstructed) should last as long as any other tooth in your mouth. However, the reconstruction ( crown or filling) may have a limited lifespan. It is important for your Dentist to monitor the condition of the reconstruction to ensure that the canal does not become recontaminated. 

  • Diagnosis/Pretreatment
  • Cleaning and Shaping of Canal System
  • Sealing of the Canal System