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Implant CE - Calendar - NEW VERSION 2 is launched in April 2007  V2 is finally up on the world wide web. After a bit of a hiatus, I have relaunched the site with added content and new features. The reference section now includes the “Endo Files Cabinet”. Thanks to the gang on for providing a lot of the content. I’m always looking for interesting cases to add to the archives, so please feel free to contact me at should you wish to add something. 

The main goal of the web site to provide information to referring dentists and patients.

Dentists who refer patients to me for Endodontic specialty treatment often face patient questions that may require lengthy or difficult answers. This may involve anything from the most basic "where to park' or "financial policies" to explanations of complex diagnosis or retreatment. was created so that referring Dentists have a way to provide clear, accurate information to their patients.

Referring dentists now have an Internet tool that allows them to introduce Dr. Kaufmann, his office and Endodontic treatment to their patients. A well-informed patient is more relaxed, easier to treat and understands their obligations regarding post operative treatment, restoration and care. By using Dr. Kaufmann can also respond to any specific questions before treatment is initiated.

To those who have enjoyed the site in the past and have taken the time to send me a note, I thank you. You are the reason that I continue updating the site. Remember – this site has NO SPONSORSHIP of any kind.  That way I can continue to be independent of commercial interests and retain your trust. Many Dentists have told me this is foolish and expensive and that I could easily have the site paid for by manufacturers. But I believe the only way that the site can remain unbiased and free of commercial influences is by refusing commercial banner ads and product endorsement fees. 

Thank you again for your support. Please drop me a line of you enjoy the site and suggest ideas for content. Also, please consider joining us on  It’s 24/7, its free and it’s the best online endodontic education you will find on the web.

Digital Radiography purchase completed

In June of 2002, I found a barely used Schick CDR Dicom for sale in the classified section of DentalTown . It included size #s 1 and 2 sensors and the Dicom software and still had 10 months left on the 1 year warranty. The price was attractive and it was installed without a hitch. The sensors and software have worked flawlessly since installation. Schick support has been good. The hardware has been reliable and the program virtually bulletproof.  We have completely eliminated the use of regular film in the office. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to new staff and sensor placement during working films, but otherwise it has a very beneficial addition to the office. I would never go back to films.

As of April 07 , the CDR system was performing without a problem.

SECURE Online referrals now in effect

With the new PIPEDA guidelines in effect, health care professionals must take special precautions when sending patient information over the internet. This includes referral forms, patient information, insurance numbers and radiographic and intraoral camera images. As more of our referral base gradually gets online, it will be more common to send information electronically. THE NEW REFERRAL FORM ON WWW.ENDOEXPERIENCE.COM is now FULLY SECURE (SSL). You can send information using the form confident that the encryption mechanism will ensure complete privacy.  Click here to go to the referral form.

I am also hoping that eventually it may be possible to actually perform online real-time referrals and consultations. This process offers real benefits, especially for rural or remotely located clinicians. Dr. Kaufmann looks forward to being contacted by referring Dentists who can take advantage of this exciting technology. If you have this technology, please contact me at

The Products section is being updated
The Products section is now being updated ( April 2007)

The EndoFiles product section is dedicated to providing information about the products that I use in daily practice. Check back occasionally to see what products I am using. If they work, I'll tell you. If they don't, or if they have been returned, you'll hear about that too. More importantly, I personally have no investment in any of these products (other than the fact that I am a clinician who uses them) so I hope to provide you with an honest evaluation.

ROOTS Summit VII - Miami Florida

Date: June 20th - June 23rd, 2007

4 DAYS IN JUNE will change your practice experience forever!!

ROOTS Summit at a glance:

Day #1: Hands On & Endodontic Jamboree
Presenters discuss the latest developments in 1 hour lecture series, demonstrations & hands-on exercises.
Day #2: Endo Point – Counterpoint
Speakers from around the world taking on key topics integral to the day to day application of endodontic therapy.
Day #3: The Endo Implant Algorithm
This incredible day will discuss the impact that BIONJ (bisphosphonate induced osteo-necrosis of the jaw).
Day #4: Gattling Gun Presentations
The newest generation speaks as recent students from around the globe present their cases and discuss the key concepts driving their endodontic work.
For more information please click here:  or download the Roots Summit 2007 Brochure.