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The Endo File Cabinet


Dental Traumatology: Essential Diagnosis and Treatment Planning - Bakland and Andreasen

Guidelines for the management of traumatic dental injuries. 1. Fractures and luxations of permanent teeth - Flores et al

Endodontic Considerations in the Management of Dental Injuries - AAE Colleagues for Excellence  Bulletin Spring 2006

Keep It Alive: Intensive Care for he Immature Pulp- AAE Colleagues for Excellence  Bulletin Fall/Winter 1998

Root Resorption due to Dental Trauma - Trope


3rd Year Dentistry Lecture 2008 305 - Sept 4 2008  Diagnosis - Part II

Textbook Excerpts

Castellucci Text

McSpadden's Text - Mastering Endodontic Instrumentation

Dr. John McSpadden's new textbook is a landmark in the explanation, discussion and understanding of Ni-Ti Rotary instrumentation. Below you will find a sample of this remarkable book. It is richly illustrated with excellent photgraphs  and diagrams. Many manufacturers are quick to give you cook book recipes for using their instruments. If you truly wish to reduce breakage rate, you must sunderstand the prociples behind the use of rotary instrumentation, and this is the definitive textbook. The purchase price is $149.95 US. Originally the address given by Dr. McSpadden for purchase was . It is my understanding that at the AAE meeting in 2007 rders were being processed by the Kerr Sybron Booth, so you could also try them.


Visual Endodontics CD

American Board of Endodontics - TRIVIAL PURSUIT  QUIZ 2008  ( Special hanks to Dr.Mohammed Al Shehri and Becci Prescott)

Please update Adobe before downloading. The above documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader in order to view. For a free download, click here.