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Endodontics – Conventional Treatment

Diagnosis and Pretreatment
Before treatment can be performed, a Diagnosis must be made. The tooth will be examined for decay, cracks, faulty fillings and discoloration. Various tests will be used to confirm the presence of symptoms. This may include hot or cold test, tapping on the tooth and chewing tests. The gums and supporting areas will be examined for changes and additional films may be taken to help confirm the presence of a problem. Once Dr. Kaufmann arrives at a diagnosis, treatment options will be explained to you in detail.

Dr. Robert Kaufmann

Digital Imaging - An Exciting New way to look at YOU.

Along with our "Paperless Office", we no longer use conventional X ray Film in order to examine our patients. Digital technology ( Intra Oral Digital X Rays) and cbCT ( Cone Beam Tomography - a limited area "CT") scanner are used to obtain  realistic, accurate views of the areas of concern. Use of wired Solid State sensors ( similar to the technology in a video camera, and visible in the picture below right) allows us to use far less radiation and to use software to enhance  the images we take. We can now see structures and possible problems that we were unable to visualize only a few years ago.

Colony Square  Imaging

The newest 3d cbCT imaging technology  ( The Kodak 9000 3D pictured above)  is located at Colony Square Imaging on the 5th floor of Colony Square. if a cbCT 3D image is found to be necessary, my staff will escort you down to the 5th floor and assist you with your scan.   Scans can also be performed for your Dentist  and images sent to them.


Sometimes, the tooth is too broken down to be worked on immediately. In that case, Pretreatment may be necessary. Decay or weak tooth structure is removed and the tooth is rebuilt with a temporary filling (sometimes with a special reinforcing band) that allows for completion of the Endodontic treatment. You will then be referred back to your dentist for permanent restoration. It is extremely important that this temporary filling be replaced as soon as possible after treatment. Failure to replace the temporary filling with something permanent can cause contamination of the sealed root canal space and failure of the treatment.