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Endodontics – Conventional Treatment

Cleaning and Shaping the Canal System
After administration of a local anesthetic, a protective sheet called a rubber dam is placed on the tooth to isolate it and keep it free of mouth contaminants.

Access g is made in the crown of the tooth and the canal openings are explored for number and size. Small specialized instruments (called files) are inserted into the canals and an electronic device (apex locator) is used to measure the exact length within .5 mm. This "Working Length" is then confirmed with an X ray image. This length is critical to the success of treatment and to ensure that the entire length of the canal is cleaned..

The canal system is cleaned and shaped by sequential application of larger instruments and rinses until desired shape  and cleanliness is achieved. With the use of special irrigating solutions, the shaping of the canal system also allows for easier cleaning. The cleaned and shaped canal system is now ready for filling.  In infected cases, it may be necessary to seal a medication into the canals for 2 weeks or more, in order to create a bacteria free environment for the root canal filling.